About us

Meurens Natural is the specialist in the use of natural techniques to process cereals and dried fruits into the required ingredients.

Meurens Natural produces a wide range of natural (Natu), organic (Sipal) and tailor-made ingredients offering a multitude  of sweetening and technical functionalities for all agri-food sectors.

A family-run Belgian company, we can boast a long track record and an in-depth knowledge of the industrial dimension of the agri-food business, with over 20 years' experience in the organic sector. Meurens Natural is able to meet  the most stringent specifications and standards applicable to the food sector: Organic, Kosher, non-allergenic, Baby Food, GMO-free, Fair Trade, Clean Label, Whole grain, ISO 22000 &  ISO 9001, etc.

Meurens Natural's benefits:

  • we do not use a refining process, but use clean and simple processes that respect the environment, which allows the characteristics of the raw material (minerals, taste, colour, etc.) to be preserved to the maximum;
  • no using a refining process guarantees the absence of chemicals traditionally used by the large sugar manufacturers (H2SO4 – sulphuric acid, NaOH – sodium hydroxide and Na2CO3 – sodium carbonate). It also guarantees that we do not use ion exchange resins for demineralising sweetened or fruit juices, and the use of sulphur dioxide (SO2) for stopping the oxidation of syrups;
  • our company enjoys a reputation throughout Europe for its pioneering role and expert knowledge of cereal hydrolysis, thanks to the wide variety of raw materials processed (rice, oat, malted barley, corn, spelt, wheat, tapioca, etc.) The hydrolysis is applied to the flour (the whole grain) and not just the starch as per the common glucose industry practice;
  • we have been committed to complying with organic legislation to the letter and in spirit for more than 20 years;
  • we  provide a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art, high-performance industrial tools;
  • we can offer the support of an R&D team specialising in developing innovative ingredients;
  • we can guarantee all your new product developments will be treated with the strictest confidentiality;

We are proud to be able to rely upon on the trust of major players in both  the European and non-European agri-food sectors.