L'entreprise de l'année - Entrepreneur of the year 2022 Finalist


As a specialist in the production of organic and natural cereal syrups, Meurens Natural is a fast-growing company. Today, it is with great pleasure that Meurens Natural can announce that they have been named among the finalists for the “l’Entreprise de l’Année® – Entrepreneur of the Year® 2022 award. l’Entreprise de l’Année® – Entrepreneur of the Year® 2022 is a competition organized by Ernst & Young (EY), surrounded by a team of experts of the economic and academic world. Together, they identify Walloon companies with a promising future.

“Meurens Natural is the story of a family business and a successful industrial reconversion in Wallonia. The results recorded show us today that we were right to take the risks we took as entrepreneurs,” said Bruno Meurens, Managing Director.

A fast-growing sector

As a European specialist in the production of cereal syrups, Meurens Natural supplies unrefined organic and natural ingredients to the food industry. Meurens Natural has the ambition to continuously contribute to healthier food and places its R&D activities at the core of its industrial strategy.

The products produced by Meurens Natural are used as key ingredients in the production of plant-based drinks and yogurts, biscuits, muesli, chocolates, ice creams, sports products, etc.

Meurens Natural has two production sites, one in Herve and one in Thimister-Clermont (Zone des Plenesses). It employs 85 people, achieved a turnover of €65 million in 2021 and has achieved an average annual growth of 24% over the past 5 years. Its production process, based on the hydrolysis of cereals, is unique and innovative and the variety of processed raw materials is among the widest in Europe.

A nomination that positions Meurens Natural amid the most promising Walloon companies

A few months ago,  EY asked Meurens Natural to take part in the l’Entreprise de l’année – Entrepreneur of the year 2022 competition.  Bruno and Bénédicte Meurens, Managing Directors of Meurens Natural, submitted their application. They presented the history of the company, its experience, know-how, its reconversion in a sector of the future and its industrial strategy which is based on both economic, social development and environmental development.

“We learned with great pride that Meurens Natural was among the 3 finalists for the L’Entreprise de l’année – Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 (EOY 2022) award. We would like to thank the entire staff of Meurens Natural who contribute every day with motivation and determination to the development of the company,” said Bénédicte Meurens, Managing Director.

Each of the 3 finalists had the opportunity to present their strategy to a jury made up of eminent personalities from the business world and academia. The designation of the winner is scheduled for December 5 in Brussels.