Explore the Wide World of Plant-based Yoghurts

The latest plant-based yoghurt on the market is oat yoghurt.

Our oat yoghurt is made from a starter culture or probiotics. It is lactose- and GMO-free.  Oat yoghurt is very creamy and subtly sweet, with the typical oat flavor, so I expected oat yoghurt to taste this way as well.

Try out our latest recipe by adding also some of our NATUDRY OAT beta-glucans:


  • Weight ingredients separately, heat liquids at 70°C
  • Add powders in the thermomixer
  • Pasteurize during 5 min  at 95°C
  • Cool down at 41°C
  • Add cultures
  • Incubate at 42°C pH= 4.6
  • Cool  down at 4°C