A new range is born


Meurens Natural presents a new range of syrups and hydrolysed flour made of oat . 

These original and  natural  ingredients enables numerous functionalities  such as sweetness,  sugar substitute, glucose syrup substitute, cereal taste, natural colour, crispness, proteins, higher cereal value limiting the viscosity.  They offer a more natural labelling :" oat syrup" instead of " sugar"  or" " glucosesyrup".

Try them in all formulations to get original solutions and clean labelling to your biscuits,cereal bars,cereals breakfast,melba toasts,dairy products,smoothies,Baby Food  etc.

  • Discover & taste this innovative oat range  at our stand during  the show HIE-NI 2016 in Germany ( Francfurt 29.11 > 1.12.2016, hall 3 stand  B32)
  • Keen to know more ? Contact us  info@meurensnatural.com

The  Natu range includes many other syrups made of :  rice, oat, dates, figs, prunes, datepuree, cerealpuree. Besides we can provide a broad variety of tailor-made ingredients from cereals and dried fruits also available in organic quality.