All-natural ingredients to help you create inventive and inspiring savory and alternative protein creations.

Meurens Natural’s cereal extracts, protein, and powders are the top choice for your latest savory and alternative protein innovation!


Our ingredients:

  • Are made from natural high-quality raw materials. 
  • Have an exceptional natural taste and colour profile.
  • Can naturally provide multiple functionalities, such as crunchiness, binding power, creaminess, and softness with just one ingredient.
  • Are made through all-natural processing techniques without the use of chemicals.
  • Are the perfect glucose syrup and maltodextrin alternative.
  • Can help create clean-label solutions.
  • Can contribute to achieving a better nutritional score.

Meurens’ all-natural ingredients will make your savory and alternative protein creations OAT-STANDING!!!


Our application laboratories are developing new formulations with our innovative ingredients which can serve as the perfect solution for creating clean-label, organic and/or all-natural products including:

  • Patties,
  • Pastas,
  • Crackers, 
  • Rusks,
  • And so much more.

Our ingredients will help you meet your customers’ demand for healthier reduced-sugar products. Whether your products need more protein, sweetness, colour, viscosity, or a natural taste, we have the perfect ingredient for you.

Tips & News

A Belgian company specialising in organic products for over 30 years, Meurens Natural combines family tradition and industrial know-how in the food industry to offer you the very best in cereal extracts.

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Meurens Natural’s know-how is based on its ability to process a wide variety of organic and conventional raw materials including rice, oats, wheat, tapioca, spelt, corn, barley malt, dates, millet, quinoa, and potato.  

At Meurens Natural we can process over 20 different types of raw materials.

Innovation is at the core of Meurens Natural. Our innovation team searches continuously to optimize and develop new products to serve a multitude of applications.   

We provide:
  • A broad range of syrups, powders, and proteins made from organic and/or natural raw materials.
  • Tailor-made and customer-specific solutions.
  • All necessary certifications: BIO, Kosher, Halal, Vegan, OGM Free.


Ignite your plant-based revolution with our organic and/or natural cereal syrups, powders, and proteins (oat and rice)! 


Clean up your labels with our non-refined, organic and/or natural plant-based ingredients which can be used to give your products natural colours, rich flavours, creaminess, and much more!


Give your products a health boost with several claims including organic and/or natural, “free from,” vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, sugar reduction, no sugar, rich in protein, and baby food.


Make your products more sustainable and environmentally conscious with our non-refined, chemical-free hydrolysis production processes which use only the best sustainable raw materials!

At Meurens Natural, we believe in upcycling, which is why we try to utilize by-products whenever possible, and when we need to, we source as locally as possible.

These natural processes allow us to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible and by using our products you will be doing the same! 

Customized ingredients or other questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Our R&D team is at your disposal for any custom ingredient requests.

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