Tailor-made ingredients

Meurens Natural can also provide tailor-made ingredients, taking the form of:

  • cereal syrups;
  • dehydrated cereal syrups;
  • hydrolysed flours;
  • concentrated fruit juices;
  • fruit purées;
  • dehydrated concentrated fruit juices;
  • natural and original glucose syrups;

We can produce other forms and types of products, thanks to the various technologies available. Meurens Natural is able to process a whole host of raw materials supplied in the form of grain, flour, starch, dried fruit and in various kinds of packaging such as bags, big-bags or bulk.

Just one click to discover all the Meurens Natural technologies and create an innovative and  natural solution for all your product developments.

The packaging types available are :

  • for liquid products: drums (295kg), containers (1400 kg) and bulk (25T);
  • for dehydrated products: 25kg bags or big-bags.