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In recent years, plant-based drinks have become increasingly popular.

Rice Drinks are the most hypoallergenic of all dairy and dairy alternative drinks. Lactose intolerant people or people with a casein allergy cannot have dairy, and those with soy or nut allergies cannot drink soy or almond drinks. Fortified Rice Drinks can be a good source of calcium, vit A, and vit D.  Rice Drinks are naturally sweeter than other dairy drinks alternatives.

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Our organic and natural cereal extracts have a wide range of plant-based applications and can also be used in food preparations to produce cereals, cereal bars, jams, drinks, confectionary, bakery, yoghurts, ice creams and many more. They provide sweetness, viscosity, clean labelling, bulk, cereal flavor, color, crispness amongst others. We offer extracts coming from oats, rice, spelt, buckwheat, maize, barley,...just to name a few!

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