Develop your plant-based range with our cereal bases...

Our cereal bases help you to easily create your own recipes for plant-based drinks, yoghurts, ice creams and desserts


By using a natural process, we preserve a maximum of features and properties of our raw materials (taste, colour, minerals), allowing you to make delicious and authentic products. Our range includes organic and natural bases made from oat, rice and spelt. We can also produce tailor-made solutions.


For all your plant-based recipes


For example, simply add water to our bases to make a pure oat drink, free from any additives. You can then apply your own formulation to your taste, adding the ingredients of your choice, to give it the desired taste and texture. These bases are also particularly suitable for making plant-based yoghurts, ice creams or desserts.

Maximum logistics facility


Our bases save storage space with their concentrated format. They also provide great flexibility of use over time as their shelf life extends from 3 to 12 months depending on the products.


Organic and natural ranges


As a pioneer in the European organic sector for 30 years, we have developed a unique range based on a completely natural process for the processing of our raw materials in a clean, simple and sustainable way.  Meurens Natural offers an organic range  (Sipal®) and a natural range (Natu®).


Available now


Our bases are available in various packaging depending on the products, according to your needs: from a 25 kg pails to a 1,400 kg IBC.