Meurens Natural, designer & producer of the Sipal® and Natu® ranges, opens a second plant.

A pioneer in developing the organic sector with the Sipal® brand, over the years Meurens Natural has become the European specialist in cereal hydrolysis due to the originality of its production process and the variety of processed raw materials.

Meurens Natural processes cereals and dried fruits into organic & naturel ingredients for the agri-food sector. The company offers a unique range on the market: rice syrups, oat syrups, wheat syrups, manioc syrups, spelt syrups, malted barley syrups, date syrup, fig syrup and prune syrup. They provide sweetness, flavour, colour, crunchy and viscosity to biscuits, cereal bars, breakfast cereals, drinks, yoghurts, sauces, ice creams, fruit preparations, etc.

Why a second production site?

Meurens Natural’s strong growth over the last few years has meant that its historic production site located at Herve has become overloaded. In response to increased market needs, the company has created a second efficient production site located in the Plenesses industrial estate at Thimister-Clermont. The site’s total surface area extends over 28.000 m², with a 6.500 m² building. The amount of the investment is 15 million euros. This ambitious project was completed in record time, with the first productions successfully coming off the line 12 months after the start of the construction work.

The company currently has 2 production sites and 3 production lines. Active on the European organic and natural markets, the company exports 70% of its annual turnover.