Our rice syrup is a cereal extract and is designed for the food industry. Along with its numerous sweetening functionalities and techniques you can use this special ingredient to add sweetness to all your food preparations.


Meurens Natural uses a natural process to provide professionnels of the food industry with a unique cereal extract. Our rice syrup also comes as rice powder, available in organic(Sipal®) or conventional (Natu®)


Rice syrup: properties and usage


Our rice syrup provides a natural alternative to sugar and other sweeteners such as glucose syrup, maltodextrin, and other processed chemicals.


Our wide variety of dextrose equivalent and sugar structure providing sweetness, cereal taste, viscosity, structure, crispness to all your preparations, etc.


Not only will our natural sweeteners add a special color to your biscuits, they will also bring an extra texture to your cereal bars, and reduce the amount of sugar in your deserts and yogurts. They’re also a great alternative to milk for your plant-based preparations (drinks, desserts, yoghurts, ice-cream, etc.) and will sweeten up your fruit preparations, etc.

  • Color

    Slightly gold

  • Taste

    A fine cereal taste

  • Texture

    Soft (eg cereal bar) or crunchy (eg sesame bar)

Our expertise


As leading pioneer in the organic sector for more than 30 years, Meurens Natural is the leading expert in cereal hydrolysis.

Our production is entirely mechanical and processes rice in a clean, simple and eco-friendly way, without adding any chemicals.

This natural process preserves all the natural characteristics of the cereal, namely its taste, color, and nutritional content and minerals.

Our rice syrup comes in 25 Kg buckets, 295 Kg barrelds, and IBC containers of 1400 Kg.


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Why choose rice syrup?


  • Organic and natural
  • Easy to add (syrup or powder)
  • Healthy sweetener
  • Clear labelling
  • One single ingredient with multiple functionalities
  • Short labelling
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